Modern Olympian Ode #30 (1924, 1928) Two Leaps by Michael Ceraolo

  Modern Olympian Ode #30 (1924, 1928) Two Leaps In 1924 William DeHart Hubbard became the first Black to win an individual gold medal with a long jump just over twenty-four feet, five inches In 1928 Mikio Oda of Japan became the first Asian to win individual gold with a triple jump of just under fifty feet (Both men would later set the world record in their respective events) Two actual leaps for individuals, two metaphorical leaps for mankind

Petals of Stained Glass by Bobbi Sinha Morey

  Petals of Stained Glass I travel worlds to flee far away from my memories, and I dream forward, rushing faster than I can breathe, petals of stained glass melting before me in a stream, the autumn of my years just as bright as it is today, and I revel in the morning light, lifted from the blemished past, a cerulean glow inside my heart I captured from the sky and sun.

Soft As Peach Silk by Bobbi Sinha Morey

  Soft As Peach Silk Like yellow flowers that fall from acacia trees my eyelids flutter open at the brimful light, a dream waiting for me in the morning just beyond my bedsheets. Not more than three days had passed that a miracle had sprung into my life opening the door to friendships I'd longed to have, a new world where me and my husband could breathe, no hint of the one who used to intrude into our lives. The warm sky, the hours that felt soft as peach silk; the gift of a future touched only by God's light.

Painter of Dreams by Bobbi Sinha Morey

  Painter of Dreams My life no longer like a broken winged bird that cannot fly, I gazed outdoors upon a miniature gazebo so lovingly carved by a pair of hands, a feeder for orioles, and it reminded me of Eleanor, a painter of dreams who lived so far away inside a Tudor home, and I'd seen what lay in her dreams: a quail on red brown jasper, the blue mountains in eastern Oregon. And she lived life with a passion, rising with the iris of peaking dawn, gardens spread around their acre of land which she and her husband grew and everything under the the sun: zucchini, yellow squash, sunflowers, cabbage, fruit trees, and pumpkin; a greenhouse for flowers, rivulets of cool water and streams; just beyond it a sanctuary for homing pigeons white as doves. I took the trail halfway into the forest, past the Japanese shelter, so at peace, unaware of any bears. She and her husband were a pair who loved to hunt rock, cut and polished what they found, their world so abundant with beauty and life.

Altrock & Schacht by Michael Ceraolo

  Altrock & Schacht Because we were a team we're here together, even though like many comedy teams we couldn't stand each other Nick was the better player, Al the better coach When Al followed Joe Cronin to Boston in '34 for a coaching job, that was the end of the team We each continued to perform as a solo act, but like many comedy team we were better together than separately If you're curious, you can probably find video of us and judge for yourself how good we were

You feel like a stranger by Lynn Long


Sweet Sherry by Brian L. Hayes

  Sweet Sherry (Love Tanka 16)     Burnt sugar coffee brownies with dulce de leche, caramel so sweet, taste a date, nectar on tongue as you sip the sweet sherry.   ©®2021 Brian L Hayes 3/13/2021