Poetry Contest Winners 2020

 Yasou! A Celebration of Life is proud to announce and congratulate our poetry contest winners.

I'd like to first thank Elise Stupi for her help in reading and choosing the winners. She worked tirelessly on this contest and her dedication to the project was invaluable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We have one first prize winner and four runners up.  The first prize winner will receive an ebook published on Amazon and will be announced when it is released.

The four runners up will be featured poets for each month in Yasou! Ezine beginning in January 2021.

Winners are as follows: 

First Prize: 
Lynn Long for her poem The Feather.

Runners up;
Yash Seyedbagheri
Scott Thomas Outlar
Ken Alan Dronsfield
Elizabeth Spraigins

Winning Poem:

The Feather by Lynn Long

Once upon a cool spring breeze

A feather flew with grace and ease

Gliding along without care

The feather sailed into warm summer air

Over oceans and mountaintops

The feather drifted without stop

Autumn brought a gentle rain

Amid melancholy winds of change

With wistful hope of being found

The lonely feather fell to the ground

Alas, landing where the heart does lie

Gently admired- let free to fly

The feather learned a simple truth

One he lost somewhere in youth

For life's journey follows

the path within

Ever-changing to begin again...


Once upon a cold winter breeze - A feather flew with grace and ease


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